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More about spectacle lenses and other corrective devices:
ZEISS also offers special solutions to many unusual problems. Extend your knowledge about special, custom-made products and learn a few fitting tips for ZEISS lenses.

Fitting ZEISS Lenses

To guarantee maximum wearing comfort, an exact fitting procedure must be followed for each type of lens. The following recommendations for centring ZEISS lenses take into account the respective centration requirements the centre of rotation requirement and the field of view requirement.

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Prescribed and Measured Powers

The measured value is the dioptric power in the major reference point of a lens and is measured in the focimeter using a defined measuring technique.

The prescribed or wearing power is the dioptric power experienced by the user in the major reference point in a defined wearing situation.

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Special Production

Sometimes specially produced lenses are required outside the standard range.
This may be advisable if the wearing comfort of the lenses can be improved,
e. g. with specially computed, thinner lenses produced using the OPTIMA technique.

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Standards and Directives

The standards issued by the DIN authorities are complied with the participations of various groups of people from public authorities, the business sector, industry, science and the general public. The DIN authorities play a major role in the compilation and publication of standards within CEN and ISO.

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