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The innovative progressive lens portfolio by ZEISS

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ZEISS Progressive Lenses

Optical Knowledge

Here you get background information on spectacle lenses: Basics of ophthalmic optics, surface geometry and progressive lenses, lens materials, lens production and coatings.



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ZEISS provides a broad spectrum of progressive lenses for better vision

From endless-frame and easy-to-handle options with high visual performance to optimally individualised solutions.

At around the age of 40 when the accommodative power of the eyes noticeably decreases, most people start to have difficulty focusing at close range. A higher dioptric power "in the plus direction" is required to remedy this problem. Single vision lenses can no longer be used for the entire range of vision from far to near.

Bifocal lenses provide clear vision of objects in the distance and near ranges, but everything inbetween is blurred. Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses provide presbyopic patients with clear vision from distance to near, i. e. also at every intermediate distance.

At first sight, progressives look exactly like single vision lenses due to the absence of dividing lines.

How they work
The power increase is achieved by a special surface design in which the radii of curvature become increasingly smaller in the vertical and horizontal directions. The range between near and far in which the power rises is known as the progression zone or corridor. This runs downwards in a nasal direction in line with the inward movement of the eyes during convergence.

When the wearer increasingly lowers his eyes for reading, he finds correspondingly higher powers for the required range of vision. The periphery of progressive lenses displays slight areas of blurring which, although they cannot be totally eliminated, have now been reduced to such an extent that they are barely noticed by the wearer, or at least only during the initial adaptation phase.

Benefits of ZEISS progressive lenses:

  • Balanced and natural vision thanks to the distinctive ZEISS design DNA in all ZEISS progressive lenses.
  • Access to leading edge technology: hardest-ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum, self-tinting PhotoFusion® lenses and better night vision with i.Scription® technology.
  • Better vision and increased product choice from: conventional to maximally individualised-serve all wearer needs.
ZEISS progressive portfolio ZEISS
Plus 2
Individual 2
Optimum visual performance
Consideration of all relevant individual data.
Perfect fit into the chosen frame
Adaptation of the variable corridor length.
Better spatial perception and contrast vision
Binocular balance of progressive
Thin & lightweight lenses
ZEISS variable thinning optimisation algorithms
High visual performance
Advanced freeform technology & the distinctive ZEISS Design DNA
Better night vision
Available with i.Scription® technology.


Progressive Lenses Individual 2

The most individualised ZEISS progressive lens for natural vision at all distances.

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Progressive Lenses Superb

Enhanced vision meets endless frame options.

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Progressive Lenses Plus 2

Discover the second generation now. The well-known and proven Plus design with upgraded features for even greater visual comfort.

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Progressive Lenses Classic

Premium quality at a minimum price – the best possible cost/benefit ratio in this product segment.

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