Distagon T* 3.5/60 CFi

The most compact wide-angle lens in the Hasselblad system

  • Extremely high resolution, better than color films
  • Compact and powerful, for very high magnification
  • Ideal for group photos, weddings, travel, journalism, and high-detail aerial photography

Experienced photographers utilize the Distagon® T* 3.5/60 CFi lens as interior specialist. It is great for portaits of people in their environment, where space would be too limited for the Planar® T* 2.8/80 CFE lens and the pronounced wide angle perspective of the Distagon T* 4/50 CFi lens may distort heads of people located close to the edge of the frame. Groups indoors are such a typical task for wedding photographers, and a rewarding one: Photos like these will sell successfully, if people like the way they are depicted. And photos of wedding groups have to be tremendously sharp to ensure everyone in a hundred-people group can be clearly and pleasantly recognised! The Distagon T* 3.5/60 CFi lens is the perfect tool. Its performance goes clearly beyond the ability of today's sharpest color films. No professional wedding photographer should be without one. Aerial photography from low flying aircraft is another field benefitting from the resolving power of the Distagon T* 3.5/60 CFi lens and so is industrial documentation. To put it quite frankly: The Distagon T* 3.5/60 CFi lens is very favourable value for money.

Focal length 60.2 mm
Aperture range f/3.5 - f/22
Angular field (hor./vert./diag.) 50°/50°/66°
Focusing range (from film plane) 0.6 m - ∞
Working range (from front end) 0.4 m
Number of elements/groups 7/7
Image ratio at closest range 1 : 7
Negative-size 55 x 55 mm
Coverage at close range 417 mm x 417 mm
Camera mount CFi
Filter connection Hasselblad, series 60
Dimensions Ø 71.1 mm, length 75.3 mm
Weight 680 g
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