Sandipan Chakroborty

The Recipe for a Special Creation

Sandipan Chakroborty loves cooking. For him it is a creative, relaxing and constructive way to spend time at home and with his friends. Some recipes he learned from his mother, some by just experimenting with ingredients.

This is what he likes the most: Combining high quality ingredients in a way, that they complement each other to become an overall experience for his guests. At ZEISS, his ingredients are data and algorithms. As a doctoral engineer and team leader of a research team, he needs to make sure that his compositions are easy to digest.

Sandipan Chakroborty

Sandipan holds a Ph. D. in Engineering, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering. The reason why he decided to opt for an academic career is his father. He inspired him as a young boy to become a scientist, and inspiration never left Sandipan since then.

“At school I was so fascinated by my teachers, that I thought I will become a school teacher. At university, my professors impressed me, so I thought I will be a professor. I left university and entered the business world. Now I am a research lead at the ZEISS Centre of Application Research in India, and in this role I am inspired every day.”

The reason why he joined ZEISS is simple: Sandipan defines two kinds of positions as an individual contributor and a team leader. ZEISS recognized his potential and offered Sandipan the latter one giving him more responsibilities than he ever had before, including big challenges. Shortly after he joined, he had to master the biggest one in his new role.

As a leader you never give up.

Sandipan Chakroborty

The task of Sandipan’s team was quite tricky. To bring value to the existing and upcoming Ophthalmic product lines, a data base with data related to images of the retina should be established. The problem was, these data where scattered around in different departments, owned by different stakeholders, uploaded in different formats from different acquisitions centers. A nightmare. Sandipan spoke to many stakeholders to get the bigger picture, which he did.

It was difficult. Finally, he and his team decided to write a script to download all the data they could get. After some failures, they managed to download the data, structure them and made them accessible for colleagues of different departments who benefit from this new source of information. This was only possible with the help of a platform team, that strongly supported him, and with the dedication of his own team, the responsibility they took to not give up and finish this task under his leadership.

Sandipan invested a lot of energy to master this big challenge as a team leader. In return he gained new insights and grew as a person, not only as a personal contributor, which he has been before, but also as a team leader he wanted to become when joining ZEISS.

“The technical lesson from this project I learned that it is the data, that matters, not the algorithm. From a personal point of view, I learned how to cooperate and to convince people with different backgrounds. We worked with technical people, and I worked with clinical people. All have their experiences and their points. This I understand much better now.”

Sandipan managed to put together data and algorithms to create a well acclaimed composition; a creation, his colleagues at ZEISS treasure as much as his friends value his creations he serves at home as a cook.

Sandipan Chakroborty

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