Seeing more with the first digital microscope


From the leader in optics for more than 175 years, ARTEVO 800® from ZEISS unleashes a new era of ophthalmic surgical visualization.

The industry’s first digital microscope, ZEISS ARTEVO 800 adds a new dimension to your surgical workflow. Whether your specialty is cataract, retina, cornea or glaucoma, you can experience the benefits of a digital microscope: with cloud connectivity in and outside the OR and digital image enhancements delivered by AdVision® from ZEISS. You can also take advantage of the improved ergonomics of heads-up surgery – an approach that a majority of surgeons confirm is a main advantage of working with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800. 

Reimagine visualization capabilities thanks to outstanding depth of field, color, contrast and magnification. You can also see intraoperative OCT imaging, cataract assistance functions, phaco and vitrectomy settings, microscope parameters, patient information and more, directly in your line of sight – helping you to never miss a detail. The large 3D monitor makes it easy for everyone to observe each step for an immersive and ergonomic surgical experience.

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Benefits of using a digital microscope

  • Improved Ergonomics – enables surgeons to sit up straight and reduce physical discomfort.
  • AdVision® from ZEISS – presents every information you need in your line of view
  • Integrated DigitalOptics – for natural colors, outstanding depth of field and high resolution
  • Enhances teaching/learning experience with easy demonstrations using 3D imaging technology

Expert Voices on first experiences

with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800

Let us hear the features of ZEISS ARTEVO that really impressed Dr. Rohit Om Parkash.

Dr. Sri Ganesh, Bangalore, India

I very much enjoy working with the ZEISS ARTEVO 800 as the heads-up 3D display allows me to work in a more relaxed position. I do not want to change back to oculars.

Dr. SPS Grewal, Chandigarh, India

The ergonomic design allows me to sit comfortably upright. Even if the patient moves or tilts it a little, I can still operate without re-focusing or re-adjusting the microscope which improves the workflow and makes it much more comfortable

Dr. Rohit Om Prakash, Amritsar, India

It is such a relief as a surgeon because now with intraoperative OCT, 3D visualization and surgical experience, the surgical stress has decreased, the visual outcomes have improved and I have a sigh of relief which I never had in the last 35 years of my practice.

Dr. Aadithreya Varman, Chennai, India

ZEISS ARTEVO 800 3D microscope's enhanced stereopsis and depth perception of the 3D display is very beneficial. It makes the surgery precise, effecient and more comfortable for both the surgeon and the patient.

Dr. Naren Shetty, Bangalore, India

ZEISS ARTVEO 800 allows me to be so relaxed and helps me to maintain speed in cataract surgery. Because of low illumination, the patients are more comfortable and co-operative, naturally improving the surgical outcomes.