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2nd - 5th June, 2022 | Jio world centre, Mumbai

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Staying at the forefront of innovations and excellence

With the vision of improving patient care with every step of the way, ZEISS has been accelerating innovations and advancements in technology. ZEISS’s innovations in offering a digitally integrated landscape transforms the way we manage patient care by providing one ecosystem that connects devices, data and applications to enable a streamlined workflow, clinical planning, education, and optimization of clinical procedures. Not only that, ZEISS was also able to introduce many game-changing products and solutions which will enable ophthalmologists to provide transformational care.

Invitation from Dipu Bose, Head of ZEISS Medical Technology

Revolutions in Ophthalmology from ZEISS

New product launches at ZEISS Booth


Right on target. Faster. Robotic. Connected.

  • The new evolution femtosecond laser to achieve excellent refractive outcomes
  • Performs the lenticule creation in less than 10 seconds and reduces overall suction time
  • Smart robotic assistance (intelligent computer-assisted cyclotorsion and centration alignment)
  • Connects to Refractive Workplace® from ZEISS to streamline your digital workflow

Maximize your glaucoma workflow


  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) application for the VISULAS® green therapeutic laser from ZEISS
  • Safe and effective primary open-angle glaucoma therapy
  • Workflow integration into the ZEISS Glaucoma Workflow and digital documentation
  • Quick, comfortable, and intuitive operation


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Right on target. Faster. Robotic. Connected.



Unleashing a new experience in phaco



Removing the challenge of dense cataracts



Surgical skill transfer course and Diagnostic skill transfer course

*SSTC & DSTC courses are organised by AIOS. Please visit AIOC website to register directly

ZEISS PDC (Practice Development Consulting)

ZEISS Practice Development Consulting helps customers/clinics to grow their business and improve the patient experience. This premium service focuses on core areas like refractive procedures and reviews every aspect of the clinic right from healthcare marketing, patient communication, and customer service to improve the effectiveness of the clinic. It helps in attracting more patients, improving patient conversions and transforming your customers to become brand ambassadors for your business.

ZEISS Symposiums

AIOC Scientific Sessions - 2nd & 3rd June 2022

Retina Symposium – Seeing More Than Ever Before

Date : 02-06-2022

Time : 12:00 pm to 1:25 pm

Venue : Hall B

Chairperson : Dr. Shobit Chawla, Lucknow

Moderator : Dr. Aniruddha Maiti, Kolkata

Panelist : Dr. Sangeet Mittal, Dr. Atul Ursekar, Dr. Daraiuss Shroff, Dr. Anand Rajendran




The Emerging role of OCTA and ultra-widefield imaging in retinal diagnosis and management

Dr Shobhit Chawla

12 min

Oral Fluorescein Angiography using ultra-widefield broadline imaging technology for retinal diseases

Dr Sangeet Mittal

10 min

Practical features in clinical application of OCTA

Dr Atul Ursekar

10 min

Going deeper and wider with swept-source OCT/OCTA – PLEX Elite – What it is really showing us?

Dr Daraiuss Shroff

10 min

Enhancing clinical acumen with integrated multimodal imaging - How data integration aids efficiency and better patient care

Dr Anand Rajendran

10 min

Panel discussion - 25 min

Achieving Excellence in Cataract Surgery

Moderator - Dr. Krishnaprasad Kudlu

Date : 03-06-2022

Time : 10:30 am - 11:55 am 

Venue :Hall L




My experience with Trifocal IOL technology

Dr. Keiki Mehta

15 min

Mix and Match - EDOF and multifocal IOL

Dr. Krishnaprasad kudlu

15 min

Delivering the desired results with Toric IOLs

Dr. Ajay Sharma

15 min

Mastering the miLOOP fragmentation device

Dr. Sartaj Grewal

15 min




Panel discussion with Q&A - 11:35 am to 11:55am

ZEISS Glaucoma 360° Symposium - Advancing disease detection, management and treatment

Date : 03-06-2022

Time : 12:00 pm - 1:25 pm

Venue : Hall C

Chairperson : Dr S. S. Pandav, Chandigarh

Moderator : Dr Rajul Parikh, Mumbai

Panelist – Dr Maneesh Singh, Dr Shefali Parikh, Dr Suneeta Dubey, Dr Deepak Bhatt, Dr Sushmita Kaushik




Advancing Clinical Efficiency in perimetry - How SITA Faster and the NEW Testing Pattern 24-2C has augmented efficiency in my practice

Dr Maneesh Singh

10 min

 Optimizing glaucoma management from structure-function to progression with FORUM Glaucoma Workplace

Dr Shefali Parikh

10 min

How to judge HVF progression with confidence for long term patient management and decision making

Dr Suneeta Dubey

10 min

 Role of OCTA in glaucoma

Dr Deepak Bhatt

10 min

 Understanding the impact of the Laser in Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension (LiGHT) study on Glaucoma treatment

Dr Sushmita Kaushik

10 min

Introducing the new SLT application from ZEISS

Ms. Regina Schuett, Clinical Affairs, Germany

5 min

Panel Discussion and Q&A - 30 min

ZEISS Consumer Products

Photography & Binoculars

Since 1890 ZEISS has been producing lenses for photographers who make no compromises when it comes to telling their stories. The aim: to push boundaries and try out new things. Inspiring people – every day, time and again. With image quality that is truly unique. Whereas Binoculars from ZEISS have a legendary reputation. A reputation founded over the years on exceptional optical performance, outstanding ergonomics, robust construction and a world of innovations that have constantly expanded the limits of the technically possible. ZEISS offers highest-quality equipment for a wide range of different needs – from special binoculars for observation in the twilight hours and at night to compact binoculars for everyday use

MyZEISS: Everything at one place

Your single-entry point to digital services from ZEISS

Experience how you can make best use of your ZEISS devices with MyZEISS.

Delivering exclusive education content, tools and device management services for your and your team, MyZEISS aims to bring value to your ownership experience.

MyZEISS is “your” area. We personalize the information to your field of specialization so you can get to what you are looking for – quickly.

  • My Learning: Device Training and Certification Courses from ZEISS Academy are bundled with clinical experiences from peers in Peer Insights
  • My Tools: Besides general tools for your field of specialization, Patient Materials is exclusively for ophthalmic customers supporting in growing business
  • My Systems: Easily review and add your devices on My Systems and use Service requests to create and track requests online


Hands-on workshop : Diagnostic instruments

Date : 2nd June - 4th June | Venue : AIOS DSTC

Session on Glaucoma:

  • Practical OCT examination in Glaucoma – Dr Vikram Jain 
  • Sharpen your Visual Field interpretation skills – Dr Vikram Jain  

Session on Retina:

OCT Angiography – How to understand what we see – Dr Sharat Hegde 

Slit Lamp Imaging Workshop:

Valuable tips for slit lamp imaging excellence – Mr. Utpal Sarkar (Imaging specialist – Disha Eye Hospital) 

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