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ZEISS has always remained at the vanguard of innovations and excellence in Ophthalmology. We have been shaping technological progress for the diagnoses and management of eye diseases. Our digital landscape seamlessly integrates the devices, data and medical practices to streamline the workflow, efficient clinical planning, education and clinical procedures. This conference is an opportunity for everyone to come together and explore the latest offerings from ZEISS. Participants will also get an opportunity to attend interactive sessions, keynote addresses and training sessions to enhance their knowledge and to connect with their peers. Join us at the AIOC to explore our game-changing offerings and let us aim at providing transformational care to the patients.   

Visit ZEISS booth #105 for exciting events & information

  • ZEISS Medical Ecosystem

    ZEISS Medical Ecosystem

    ZEISS Medical Ecosystem makes digital adoption easy, providing one ecosystem connecting devices, data and applications that enable a streamlined workflow, clinical planning, education and optimization of clinical procedures. It opens possibilities for the creation of new solutions, where data passes seamlessly from one ZEISS device to another using artificial-intelligence-powered applications and software tools. With the ZEISS integrated portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic devices supported by a cloud-based digital platform, the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem including the ZEISS Cataract Workflow, Refractive Workflow, Glaucoma Workflow and Retina Workflow continue to deliver value beyond the devices with a fully connected and integrated approach that is unsurpassed in the medical industry.   

  • Hands-on experience

    Hands-on experience

    Get a first-hand experience on ZEISS product and solutions that complete your workflow and optimize your practice to deliver excellent patient care and outcomes. The products on display include ZEISS ARTEVO 800 – the first digital microscope, ZEISS VISUMAX 800 – the latest generation femtosecond lasers, the next generation OCT and Biometry devices, among others.

  • ZEISS Medical Ecosystem

    Register for Wet lab

    At the ZEISS Wet Lab, you will get a chance to lay your hands on ZEISS VISUMAX 800, the latest generation of ZEISS femtosecond lasers that makes tissue separation with SMILE pro, easier than ever. You will also get a chance to explore ZEISS QUATERA 700 which marks a new milestone in cataract surgery.

  • Digital corner

    Digital corner

    Visit the ZEISS booth #105 and take a selfie. Post it on your social media handles with #ZEISS@AIOC2023 and tagging ZEISS social media handles. Ask your friends and colleagues to like and share your post. The person who gets the highest number of likes at the end of the conference (on 14th May 2023) will get a chance to win an exciting prize.

  • ZEISS PDC (Practice Development Consulting) - Refractive & Cataract

    ZEISS PDC (Practice Development Consulting) - Refractive & Cataract

    ZEISS PDC is designed to provide the essential tools and techniques to enhance the professional Cataract and Refractive practice of ophthalmologists. It will enable ophthalmologists with communication, leadership, and management skills for running a successful practice in the respective fields.

  • ZEISS Medical Ecosystem


    Surgical Skill Transfer (SSTC) and Diagnostic Skill Transfer Course (DSTC) course empower ophthalmologists with the advancements in surgery, diagnoses and the best practices for treatment and management of ophthalmology practices.

  • Astigmatism Management Program

    Astigmatism management program

    Join with us on #MissionToPrecision with ZEISS Astigmatism management program.
    This program is designed to overcome all your challenges from biometry to patient satisfaction.
    Visit ZEISS booth to engage in interactive challenge and explore new tool to educate patient on astigmatism.

    Residual astigmatism is one of the key factors impacting the visual quality of patients after cataract surgery. Toric IOLs from ZEISS are all based on the bi-toric optical design. The wide choice of the ZEISS toric IOL portfolio enables you to achieve excellent refractive outcomes in line with your patients preferences and clinical condition; from monofocal toric to EDoF toric to trifocal toric lenses.

ZEISS scientific sessions

Date & Time

Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu


11th May | 16:30-17:55

Hall Peridot

Dr. Sonu Goel

Unleashing the new VISUMAX 800 : Setting the new benchmark in LVC practice

11th  May | 16:30-17:55

Hall Peridot

Dr. Sudarshan Khokhar

Topoguided treatment with ZEISS MEL 90

11th May | 16:30-17:55

Hall Peridot

Dr. Aditya Kelkar

iOCT for retinal surgeries, why and when

12th May | 10:30-11:55

Hall Peridot

Dr. Vishal Agarwal

True color ultra-wide field fundus imaging : ZEISS CLARUS 700

13th May | 12:00-13:25

Hall Peridot

Dr. Sartaj Grewal

ZEISS Cataract Workflow

13th May | 09:00-10:25

Hall Jade

Dr. Arvind Maurya

Swept source biometry – ZEISS IOLMaster 700

13th May | 09:00-10:25

Hall Jade

Dr. Ashok Nanda

Unleashing experience in new phacoemulsification

13th May | 09:00-10:25

Hall Jade

Dr. Sonu Goel

Optimizing patient outcome with Presbyopia correcting IOLs

13th May | 09:00-10:25

Hall Jade

Dr. Chandrashekhar Wavikar

ZEISS miLOOP : The new way of doing phaco surgery

13th May | 09:00-10:25

Hall Jade

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81st Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society

AIOC 2023

Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Center (LBICC) Bolgatty Island, adjacent to Grand Hyatt, Bolgatty 682504 Kerala Kochi

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