Automatic surface inspection

ZEISS SurfMax ensures doubt-free quality through reliable and automatic surface inspection.

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ZEISS SurfMax utilizes phase-shifting deflectometry technology.

ZEISS SurfMax utilizes phase-shifting deflectometry technology.

SurfMax technology from ZEISS allows you to take your surface inspections to a new level because ZEISS SurfMax guarantees absolute quality – particularly for challenging, shiny surfaces. Furthermore, you benefit from a better understanding of how conspicuous a flaw is – for more effective quality assurance.



  • Stable delivery quality with optimal production yield is guaranteed
  • Minimal labor costs for surface inspection as a result of automatic inspection
  • Broad data basis provides in-depth information for process improvements
  • Modifiable defect recognition limits enable different levels of delivery quality
  • The objective description of the severity and limits of defects minimizes the room for interpretation

Customized system design

ZEISS SurfMax is tailored to your application – from part handling and cycle time to the camera setup and analysis in accordance with objective test specifications. ZEISS specialists deliver a tailored solution. Together with our automation partners, we provide you with all the services needed to adapt ZEISS SurfMax to your production flow.


Sample applications

  • Cast, ground, turned metal:
    Typical defects include pores, cavities, scratches, notches
  • Polished metal:
    Typical defects include scratches, material inclusions,
    polishing flaws, pores, points of impact
  • Galvanized plastic:
    Typical defects include pimples, scratches, gloss deviations,
    fraying, incomplete galvanization