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New Smartzoom 5 Accessories and Services

Digital microscopy has revolutionized the way we investigate the micro world. Going digital helps to overcome classical light microscopy challenges, like limited depth of field or reflective surfaces. What’s more, the digital revolution has improved ease of use. In particular, the ZEISS digital light microscope Smartzoom 5 enables non-expert users to get reliable and reproducible results with ease and brings automation into routine inspection workflows.

ZEISS is constantly improving the capabilities of this market-leading digital microscope with accessories and services that give you more imaging options and increased confidence in your data.

Accessories and Services: See what’s new

10x Objective Lens PlanApo D 10x/0.6

Higher resolution yields greater detail

Get more information from polished and etched samples, micro sections, small particles and metallographic applications. Benefit from 2021x magnification and precise micro measurements due to full telecentricity of the system at each magnification. Appreciate the high tilt range even at small working distance.

Polarization Filter

Enhancing contrast on challenging materials

Additionally to the built-in Glare Removal function of Smartzoom 5, our new Polarization Filter provides an additional method for removing glare during investigations of samples with highly reflective surfaces. The Polarization Filter can be applied on the standard Smartzoom 5 objectives 0.5x, 1.6x and 5.0x.

Integration with ZEISS ZEN 2 core

Advanced analysis options in the connected lab

With just one click, export your Smartzoom 5 images to ZEN 2 core, ZEISS’ most comprehensive imaging software for materials applications. ZEN 2 core enables advanced analyses and integrates your Smartzoom 5 data into multi-modal workflows that span systems and locations.

Calibration Service

Ensuring reliability for your measurement tasks

A calibrated system is key to meeting quality standards and reducing the risk of wrong decisions based on incorrect measurements. A calibration certificate from ZEISS proves the validity of your measurement process and is a great record-keeping document for you and your customers

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