ZEISS at EMSI 2015

EMSI 2015

ZEISS at EMSI 2015

July 8 - 10, Booth # 31-34 – CIDCO Convention Center, Mumbai

Visit our booth and learn how our microscopy solutions can support you in your biological and materials research activities
Learn more about the new X-ray microscopy systems and techniques. Discuss with us how you can perform
3D and 4D sample analysis
using latest X-ray microscopy techniques.

Participate in a microscopy quiz contest at the booth and be one of the lucky ones to win a special prize!

Visit our booth where our technical experts will be answering your queries on electron microscopy techniques.

Main Topics

  • High-Throughput Scanning Electron Microscopy with Multiple Beams in Parallel
  • Microscopy Based Imaging and Analytical Developments in the Natural Resources Industry to Address Modern Ore Deposit and Reservoir Characteristics


CIDCO Convention Center

Booth Number
# 31-34