Digital Classrooms with ZEISS Microscopes

A new way of interactive and engaged learning

Digital Classrooms use digital communication technologies to foster the communication between students and their teacher. They enable a new interactive, engaging, and personalized learning atmosphere for students and meet the learning requirements of future generations.

ZEISS lets you create your own digital classroom by creating a network of connected school microscopes and iPads, iPhones and Windows PCs. By using the app Labscope, course leaders are able to prepare and organize courses, and monitor and interact with the students microscope images, live from their iPad. Students can share their microscopy images with the class and gain learning success in a new playful and engaged way.

The list below gives an overview of new possibilities of a digital classroom.

A new way for teaching and learning

With a ZEISS Digital Classroom the teacher is able to...

  • Move freely in the classroom while at the same time see through all of the eyepieces thorugh digital classroom
  • Directly access each student's live microscope image via an iPad or Windows PC
  • Talk to students and share their live stream with others.
  • Select any student's image and show it with a projector or TV screen to the class
  • Snap images and record videos
  • Alter and correct image settings remotely
  • Define working groups and send group-specific tasks
  • Choose between two standard infrastructures (LAN or HDMI), or combine them for best performance.
  • Save Time - Live and instantaneous feed of image and activities
  • Discuss working methods/details with individual students while the rest can observe it
  • Share results via email, social, or your automatically set up private cloud space
  • Run a state-of-art digital lab at your campus

Find out what it is Digital Classroom and how does it work

Dr. Silvia Zenner-Gellrich guides you through these new possibilities, explains what a ZEISS Digital Classroom is all about, and how it changes the way of teaching and learning.

Experience the Digital Classroom

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