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Axiolab 5

Your Smart Microscope for More Efficient Routine Lab Work

ZEISS Axiolab 5 is a smart microscope, designed to assist with clinical laboratory work, ideal for researchers who rely on qualitative image analysis on a regular basis.

Axiolab 5 faciliatates visualization and analysis of biological samples such as:

  • Examination of the structure, composition, growth of cells, as well as stained tissue sections, pathogenic organisms and bodily fluids to analyze for disease patterns.
  • Examination of blood samples and bone marrow to analyze the shape, condition, quantity and type of blood cells with ease – a crucial diagnostic approach for every Hematology lab.
  • Examination of chromosomal abnormalities for conducting molecular cytogenetic investigations. 
  • Visualization of fluorescent samples: Axiolab converts into an LED fluorescence microscope, with the help of integrated LEDs of different wavelengths.

Axiolab 5 provides multiple contrast techniques based on the requirement of  the sample, such as brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast.

Axiolab 5 can be used to document images, through an inbuilt Axiocam-205 color camera. Simply press the Snap button on the microscope while observing the specimen through the eye piece, to capture crisp 4K images in true color. The image will retain the detail and color differences, exactly as observed through the microscope.

Primostar: Robust, User-friendly, and Affordable

The Right Microscope for Students and Educators alike

ZEISS Primostar is a durable, and sturdy classroom companion, which is built to aid classwork which requires imaging of biological samples.

Primostar is ideal for students who are new to research in biological fields with various applications:

  • Provides a user friendly platform for imaging of samples, ranging from examination of oral musoca, diatoms in darkfield, to structure of cells and plant cross sections. 
  • Facilitates visualization of unstained cells in phase contrast, tissue samples, bodily fluids, excretions and blood slides, to aid in the recognition of disease patterns, which is critical in the fields of pathology, hematology, zoology, etc.
  • Facilitates imaging and recognition of bacterial cells and pathogens, which comes in handy in the field of agricultural sciences and microbiology.
  • Can convert into an LED fluorescence microscope with the addition of a fluorescence tube.

Primostar has an inbuilt 5 MP camera, which can be used in conjunction with the Labscope app, making it easy to capture as well as share images simultaneously, and project images of choice on a large screen for students to view and analyze.


Your Imaging App for Digital Classrooms and Routine Laboratory Work

ZEISS Labscope is your easy-to-use imaging app for connected microscopy, which significantly reduces the need for investment in heavy software equipment.

Labscope is an excellent digital tool to engage students to learn about cell and tissue imaging and analysis, with features such as video recording, image capture and sharing, and measurement of microscopic samples.

Labscope is user friendly with a small learning curve:

  • Educators can select live images of their choice, from specific microscopes connected to the app, and simultaneously project it on a larger screen, leading to an interactive learning atmosphere or digital classroom.
  • The progress of students can be monitored in real time, through the app. 
  • The educator can view what the student is viewing, and better guide the student on what to observe and analyze.
  • It is a great tool to compare and contrast images of biological samples.
  • These features greatly enhance the learning experience for research in the field of histopathology, cytology, microbiology, forensics, parasitology, and related fields, which requires constant imaging and peer reviewing.

Labscope can be downloaded for free on your iPad or Windows PC, and connects to multiple microscopes through a Wi-Fi enabled network.

A digital classroom, where students' ZEISS microscopes are connected to the ZEISS Labscope app, allowing the facilitator to view multiple images on his device, and discuss them with ease.

An effective way of engaging students and peers with superior quality imaging technology.

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