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ZEISS Webinar : Microscopy Tools for Studying Nuclear Materials

Diversifying our Energy Infrastructure | July 17 2020, Friday | 10.30AM - 11.30AM

The following webinar on energy materials considers microscopy applications related to nuclear energy.

This webinar features special guests Dr. Joshua Kane and Dr. Nikolaus Cordes, scientists in Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex Directorate, who will discuss microstructural characterization methods used for nuclear energy materials including cladding, structural elements, and fuels.

The challenges of characterizing these materials will be addressed, as well as the benefits of gaining microstructural information at multiple length scales. Examples will be presented from INL’s ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray microscope, which has been employed to image nuclear energy materials in both 2D (i.e., radiographic) and 3D (i.e., tomographic) modalities. Examples from other imaging modalities, such as neutron and electron microscopy, will also be presented.

In addition, Dr. Steve Kelly, ZEISS Microscopy Solutions Manager for Energy Materials, will present the special ways in which ZEISS microscopes are adapted for the unique challenges in the nuclear industry, including the handling and imaging of hot samples.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Understand what is feasible and involved with regards to the 'nuclearization' of microscopes for hot samples

  • See how scientists at Idaho National Lab, world leaders in nuclear materials research, are using ZEISS microscopes to address their materials characterization challenges

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Dr. Joshua Kane is a R&D staff scientist within Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Characterization & Post-Irradiation Examination Division. He currently leads a group within the division focused on the development of advanced analytical methods and tools for microscopy and instrumentation. Dr. Kane joined Idaho National Laboratory in 2013 directly after receiving his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Boise State University. Dr. Kane’s primary research interests include characterization and modification of carbon materials, materials kinetics, and imaging and quantitative analysis of 3-D tomographic data sets. During his time at Idaho National Laboratory he has had the unique opportunity to work on a wide range of materials systems including, carbon nanomaterials, nuclear reactor structural materials, refractory ceramics, oxide nuclear fuels, super-hard incompressible ceramics, as well as biomass.

Dr. Nikolaus L. Cordes is a R&D scientist in Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials & Fuels Complex directorate and is the lead instrument scientist for Idaho National Laboratory’s ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray microscope. Dr. Cordes received his Ph.D. in materials/analytical chemistry from the University of Alabama in 2012. Prior to joining Idaho National Laboratory in December 2018, he was a post-doctoral research associate and R&D scientist with Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interests include the characterization of materials with X-ray imaging methods, in particular micro-scale and nano-scale X-ray computed tomography and 3D X-ray fluorescence microscopy. Dr. Cordes’s research has encompassed a variety of materials systems, such as additively manufactured metals and polymers, polymeric foam solids, inertial confinement fusion capsules, high explosives, and nuclear energy materials. Dr. Cordes is a member of the Microscopy Society of America and currently serves as Digital Content Editor for Microscopy Today.