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ZEISS Product Launch: Discover Advanced Surface Imaging with Intuitive Imaging Workflows using ZEISS GeminiSEM Platform

December 16, Wednesday | 9.30 AM - 10.30 AM IST


The new age surface characterization techniques and material research demands new advancements in the electron microscopy field.

ZEISS being pioneers in electron microscopy and electron optics have built a new series of field emission scanning electron microscope to take the surface imaging to next level with very intuitive and fast imaging techniques. The platform will enable the researchers to gain maximum output from their materials with minimum effort in front of the tool. For a multi-user environment, a reliable and reproducible imaging workflow will prove effective.

Ease of use in high resolution imaging especially when faced with challenging samples for novice users makes a core facility a dream place for young researchers. Imaging beam sensitive samples without sputter coating is becoming a mandate to understand their surface morphology and analytics in various material science applications. Our new platform provides you with a dedicated variable pressure modes now with advanced detection technology with superior contrasting on your sample surface.

The greatly increased field of view permits easy sample navigation. The engine drives the electron optics to provide magnifications from 1 × to 2 mio x, taking care of alignment, calibration and focus along the way. This saves you time while making lengthy alignments obsolete.

Auto functions such as auto-wobble and the new patented autofocus provide clear, crisp images within seconds. Python scripting then uses these features in automated workflows such as 3D STEM tomography.


  • Discover the unknown: the GeminiSEM Family
  • Imaging magnetic samples at high resolution - Advance of Gemini optics
  • Sweet spots in ultra low kV imaging - Steel, Mesoporous Silica materials
  • Ultrafast surface imaging - Autopilot to high resolution Imaging for your challenging samples
  • Flexible platform for your beam sensitive samples - Variable pressure mode imaging
  • 3D STEM Tomography in FESEM
  • ECCI Imaging at ease with our high throughput back scattered detection technology
  • Contextual imaging with large field of view modes
  • Automated region of interest (ROI) tracking - unattended microscopy
  • Live Q&A session
  • Date: December 16, 2020
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM IST
  • Speaker: Mr. Arul Maximus Rabel, Product Application and Sales Specialist, ZEISS APAC

The New Gemini 3 Column

In Lens low kV Z-Contrast Imaging

High resoution and fileld free imaging of any sample with 1kV

Magnetic, iron manganese nanoparticles where one cuboid particle has an edge length of approximately 25 nm, imaged at low acceleration voltage, ZEISS GeminiSEM 560, Inlens SE image, 1 kV, scale bar 60 nm.

Inlens SE, EHT = 1 kV
FeMn nanoparticles imaged at 1 kV beam energy without Tandem decel, magnetic sample

Nanometer-scaled features on the fractured surface of a non-conductive mineral, montmorillonite, visualized at low landing energy, ZEISS GeminiSEM 560, Inlens SE image, 800 V, scale bar 200 nm.

Inlens SE, EHT = 800 V
Fractured surface of Montmorillonite mineral particles showing layered structures, non-conductive sample

Speaker Profile - Mr. Arul Maximus Rabel

Mr. Arul Maximus Rabel | Product Application and Sales Specialist, Research Microscopy Solutions, ZEISS APAC

Eight years of experience in Advanced Microscopy Techniques including Correlative Microscopy

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy – Materials Science Application
  • Bio Sample Preparation for High Resolution SEM, TEM Imaging
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Magnetic Nanomaterial applications for Biomedical Applications 
  • Correlative Microscopy between Light and Electron Microscopes
  • Drug delivery and use of imaging in Clinical Diagnostics
  • Machine learning and AI for Microscopy