Future proof your ZEISS microscopes

Windows 10 upgrade for ZEISS Microscopes

Windows 10 allows not only for high-speed processing. Regular security updates provided by Microsoft give you peace of mind: your local IT department allows you to connect your microscope. Thus, you can benefit from prompt ZEISS remote support if required.

Pioneering microscopy trends like 3D Visualization, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence ad Cleanliness Solutions offer inspiring opportunities. Yet they come hand in hand with a required increase in microscope performance.

It is quite easy to make your ZEISS microscope future-proof, being able to keep pace with new abilities also in the future: make sure that the microscope’s PC is running on the latest operating system version Windows 10.

The illustration shows you how quick and convenient remote support can be, compared to offline support:

We invite you to get in touch and check if your microscope is backed by Windows 10. Complete the inquiry form and a ZEISS Representative will get in touch with you.

Windows 10 Upgrade Inquiry