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ZEISS On-Demand Webinar: Fulfilling FDA Requirements in Pharmaceutical Industries Using Microscopy Solutions


One of the most regulated industries in the world is the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure electronic records and electronic signatures are trustworthy and reliable, strict guidelines and regulations are needed. 

The GxP module as part of the ZEN core imaging software caters exactly to this demand. Profit from a variety of tools and functionalities combined with the required qualification and validation activities to make your system compliant to e.g. 21 CFR Part 11. 

Electron microscopy is becoming more crucial and increasingly demanding for research in pharmaceutical technology and products. From the initial stages of drug delivery, to formulation morphology, to final quality assurance and quality control, electron microscopy is essential for investigation and qualification.

With ZEN core GxP module, microscopy applications can be validatable and safer. ZEN core connected laboratory and the wide range of ZEISS light microscopes would be able to meet the demanding needs of pharmacopeia standards.


  • Learn what are the key features in ZEISS GxP module that can help to comply with FDA requirements
  • Appreciate how the entire ZEN core connected laboratory concept can help you in a regulated environment
  • Appreciate the wide range of ZEISS light microscopy solutions to meet pharmacopeia standards

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Speaker Profiles

Mr. Kelvin Loh | Product & Applications Sales Specialist

Kelvin is an applied material scientist by education, and a metallurgist by training. With more than 10 years experience in materials and failure analysis using light, confocal and electron microscopes, he is responsible for the portfolio of materials light microscopes and CSEM. He has in-depth knowledge of standards-based materials analysis, image analysis & surface metrology. Being well-versed in the ZEISS ZEN core imaging suite, he is responsible for supporting GxP solutions in the Pharma sector.

Mr. Aloysius Daniel | Head of ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center, ZEISS India

Daniel is a former Nano product development scientist with 13 years of experience in Electron Microscopy.
He has a proven track record of providing turnkey microscopy solutions to different R&D groups including academic Institutes, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing & assembly industries and Government organizations. He is also proficient in materials science application and an operational trainer in electron microscopy across India.