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ZEISS Microscopy Online Training : Fundamentals of Scanning Electron Microscope and its Applications

May 28, Thursday | 10 AM - 1 PM

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Microscopy has become a characterization of choice for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to the ability of modern microscopy solutions such as the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which are used, not only for capturing high magnified images revealing surface morphology, topography and elemental composition, but  also to identify crystalline structures, reveal spatial variations in chemical compositions, detect and analyze surface fractures and contaminations.

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The objective of this training program is to give a virtual introduction and comprehensive session on SEM ensuring the attendees meet the broad scope of research and industrial requirements. Attendees will receive a digital certificate from ZEISS upon completion of the training. 

Training Fee : INR 1695 + 18% GST  (Total Fee INR 2000/-)

Training Agenda

  • Physics of electron microscopy; electron generation, interaction with specimen and detection.​
  • Complete understanding on the construction & working principle of the scanning electron microscope.
  • Gain competent knowledge to acquire informative images and interpretation of data with minimal artifacts​.

Register for the Training

The registration is closed for this online training program. Please watch this space for information on our upcoming trainings.

Trainer 1 - Mr. Daniel Aloysius

Application Specialist, Material Sciences, ZEISS India

  • Former Nano product development scientist with 13 years of experience in Electron Microscopy.
  • Proven track record of providing turnkey microscopy solutions to different R&D groups including academic Institutes, manufacturing & assembly industries and Government organizations.
  • Proficient in materials science application and an operational trainer in electron microscopy across the SAARC region. 

Trainer 2 - Dr. Amarnath T (Ph.D)

Application Specialist, Life Sciences, ZEISS India

  • Researcher turned application specialist with 12 years of experience in light microscopy.
  • Certified trainer for high-end imaging systems like Live Cell Imaging, Confocal Microscopy, Super Resolution Microscopy & Lightsheet Microscopy.
  • Conducted extensive trainings for several users from premier institutes in India on image acquisition, image processing and Image analysis techniques on different imaging systems.