Guaranteed quality is marked by the famous Z lens engraving

ZEISS prescription spectacle lenses with brand quality

For over 160 years, ZEISS has stood for vision expertise, from telescopic and microscopic technology all the way to camera technology. Since 1912, this expertise has gone into every pair of prescription spectacle lenses which leaves ZEISS' production facilities. With its constantly pioneering innovations, ZEISS is on of the leader in the ophthalmic optics sector. Over 200 million people see their world through ZEISS spectacle lenses, and this number is increasing by the second. They all put their trust in the quality associated with the ZEISS brand.

Brands create trust

In all of the innovations Carl Zeiss has placed on the market over the last 100 years with regard to the production of prescription spectacle lenses, people and their vision requirements have always been the top priority. ZEISS brand lenses are tailored to the patient's individual needs in every aspect, whether during consultation, fitting or production.

Opting for ZEISS brand lenses means maximum vision quality without compromise. Guaranteed quality is marked by this symbol: the Z spectacle lens engraving. The subtle ZEISS laser engraving found on every ZEISS brand lens stands for optimum visual comfort. This top quality is achieved by three excellent technologies:

  • Raw material purity thanks to the use of self-developed filter technologies
  • Premium selection by means of stringent quality control measures
  • Optimum light guidance thanks to innovative anti-reflective technologies

How do you identify the Z spectacle lens engraving?

Guaranteed quality is marked by the famous Z lens engraving

Hold up your clean spectacles at an angle to the light. The light reflection then causes the subtle ZEISS laser mark to appear at the outer rim of the lens. The laser is operated with a wavelength that only permits a low level of penetration. After all, people looking at the wearer should be able to see the ZEISS quality seal, but the wearer's vision should not be impaired by it at all.

Guaranteed satisfaction

ZEISS brand lenses come with an additional guarantee during the first 3 months. If the patient is not satisfied with their lens design, Carl Zeiss will exchange them, via their optician, for another lens type from the ZEISS range with the same prescription and fitting specification.