Natural vision at all distances with the most individualised ZEISS lenses of all time

With the EyeFit technology from Carl Zeiss Vision, you can now also have your progressive lens design produced individually for the near range – much like a tailor-made suit.

Here at BETTER VISION in May 2010 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of a milestone in the history of ophthalmic lenses: the first progressive lenses featuring freeform technology from ZEISS, tailor-made to meet the personal needs of every wearer, saw the light of day in the year 2000. At that time we promised you further new, exciting products from Carl Zeiss Vision on this subject. The time has now come: from October 2010 Carl Zeiss Vision will offer you a further innovation in the field of individualised progressive lenses: ZEISS Progressive Individual2 with EyeFit technology.

“Even more individualised progressive lenses – is that really possible?“ you will be wondering. It is. For the very first time, the wearer’s personal visual behaviour for near vision is taken into account in the configuration of these new progressive lenses. Your optician can now ensure that a larger number of your personal visual parameters are taken into consideration by ZEISS in the production of your progressive lenses.

Natural vision at all distances with the most individualised ZEISS lenses of all time

You will be able to read more comfortably, feel safer when driving.

This is of particular importance for progressive lenses. After all, these lenses are intended to provide you with excellent vision at all distances (near, far and middle distance)  in a single lens. But every eye and every situation we experience in our everyday lives is different, so that not every progressive lens design can be the best solution for every wearer. The more individually the lens is adapted to you and your needs, the more visual comfort you will enjoy. The time you need to adapt to your new lenses is reduced, you need to move your head less frequently, and you will have more natural vision over a wider range and at all distances. You will be able to read more comfortably, feel safer when driving and you will experience less eye fatigue at work.

When creating ZEISS Progressive Individual2 with EyeFit technology, the developers at Carl Zeiss Vision focused in particular on the near zone of the progressive lens. This range of vision is now becoming more and more important for people over 40.

The rapid increase in the use of the Internet, mobile and smart phones or car navigation systems mean that we have to keep switching between near, far and middle distance ranges in our everyday lives. Progressive lenses have to increasingly meet these growing requirements, especially in the close-up range. The goal is to achieve relaxed, natural vision in all situations.

Your benefits with EyeFit technology at a glance:

  • Natural, focused vision at any distance
  • Optimised close-up vision individually matched to your eyes
  • Immediate wearer tolerance
  • The ultimate in visual comfort
  • Optimum cosmetic appearance thanks to thin and light lenses


Individualisation of the near zone thanks to EyeFit technology by ZEISS

Natural vision at all distances with the most individualised ZEISS lenses of all time

Individualisation of the near zone thanks to EyeFit Technology by ZEISS

You have the choice for the very first time: together with your optician, you can adapt the near zone of your progressive lenses to your own personal requirements. ZEISS has established that the near visual behaviour of the population can be clustered into three different profiles and has developed a progressive lens design for each.


  1. Balanced profile: The basic design for all wearers who need a high quality progressive lens for all everyday situations and the best possible balance between the individual ranges of vision.
  2. Intermediate profile: This design was specially developed for wearers who often switch between the distance and middle distance ranges, e.g. they often work at a computer, drive a car or would like to use their progressive lenses for sport. The intermediate zone is up to 28% larger than in the Balanced design.
  3. Near profile: If you need close-up vision for long periods every day, this is the recommended design. The near range here is up to 60% larger than in the Balanced design.


Milestones in freeform technology at Carl Zeiss Vision

1981 Introduction of freeform technology.

2000 Introduction of Gradal® Individual: Individualised lenses can now be produced using freeform technology.

2006 Introduction of successor to Gradal® Individual: A new parameter is added – FrameFit®. FrameFit® allows you to configure your glasses to meet your personal taste and requirements: rectangular, round, small, large or angled, take your pick.

Since 1 January 2010 The entire range of progressive lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision is available with freeform technology.

Since April 2010 Individualised progressive lenses are now available in a broad spectrum of sunglass lenses, also for highly fashionable wrap or sports models.

Since October 2010 Introduction of ZEISS Progressive Individual2 with EyeFit technology – Made-to-measure for your eyes.