At the optician: what the optician selects is a matter of trust!

The optician’s expertise is essential when you are buying spectacles

All too often spectacles are unfortunately still seen as a necessary evil: we notice that we cannot see as well as we used to, go for an eye test  and then have the appropriate spectacles fitted by the optician. This takes time and money. And sometimes when we actually receive our new spectacles we are not totally satisfied with the result.

Our eyes are our most important sensory organ. Poor vision impairs our quality of life and can even pose a hazard, for example, in traffic or at work. Regrettably, the need for good vision is often underestimated.

Spectacles are unique for every individual. Before production, no one knows how well the wearer will actually see or how comfortable he or she will find their new spectacles in everyday life. Demos and the insertion of the appropriate lenses in the trial frame by your optician may give an initial impression of the quality of vision you will have in your final spectacles, but it is impossible to try on the finished product beforehand!

What is decisive is that the optician recommends the best possible product to fit your personal vision problem, habits and, of course, budget. In other words, the work of an optician - like that of a doctor – is a matter of trust. We at ZEISS would like to give you a few tips here on BETTER VISION about what preparations you should make before going to your optician and how you can ensure that you receive the right advice. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the same natural vision with your new eye wear as during the time before you needed spectacles.

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