ZEISS brand

Did you know that…

… ZEISS optics were instrumental in Pluto’s discovery? The introduction of the ZEISS blink comparator was essential in this. …ZEISS optics can measure the human eye with an accuracy of one hundredth of a diopter? That’s i.Scription® at work!… volcanoes can spout glass? In 2011, a ZEISS electron microscope revealed minuscule volcanic glass particles within ash particles. ...ZEISS is a regular customer at the patent office? We register approximately 400 inventions with the patent office every year! ... every second, two people around the world decide to rely on ZEISS precision lenses? … ZEISS optics helped produce your car? For measurement and analytics, car manufacturers worldwide use our technologies. … ZEISS launched the world’s first planetarium? That was in 1923, on the roof of a ZEISS factory in Germany. Today, more than 80 million people a year visit a planetarium with ZEISS optics somewhere in the world.

Made by ZEISS

With ZEISS, you and your customers rely on over 160 years of experience and leading innovation in different fields of optics. This is why astronauts, Google Earth, Nobel Prize laureates and Hollywood directors place their trust in ZEISS optics. And since 1912, that expertise has been present in every pair of precision spectacle lenses we manufacture. That was the year of a quantum leap. For the very first time, we brought our vast optical experience to ophthalmic lenses. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to better vision.

ZEISS guarantees the ultimate in lens precision in every finished lens with an engraved “Z”. And, of course, the discrete engraving does not impair your customer’s field of vision in any way.