ZEISS Polarised Lenses

ZEISS Polarised Skylet®

The Ultimate in Sunglass Optics

Polarised Skylet® combines a polarisation filter with contrast enhancing Skylet® tinting for a unique visual experience in extreme light conditions.

Thanks to the colour-enhancing effect of Skylet®, Polarised Skylet® not only reduces glare and hence increases safety, but also offers excellent colour rendition.

  • Design

    Two different views of the same road

    Without polarisation filter

    Without polarisation filter

    With polarisation filter

    Polarised Skylet®

  • Benefits

    The benefits of the wearer

    • Polarising filter against irritating reflections
    • Optimised glare protection
    • 100% solar UV protection
    • Light and comfortable to wear
    • Attractive range of colours with the benefits of the Skylet® colour
    • Visible hallmark of ZEISS quality
  • Details

    Polarisation technology know-how

    Light reflected at the surface of a transparent medium is partly polarised. The majority of this light (depending on the angle of incidence and the surface) is polarised perpendicularly. The polarisation filter in Polarised Skylet® is orientated horizontally and ensures that this reflected, perpendicularly reflected light is not let through. In this way, distracting reflections, such as those when driving into the sun on a wet road, are practically eliminated by Polarised Skylet®.

  • Our Recommendations

    Our Recommendations for Polarised Skylet®

    • Optimum field of application: Anywhere where reflecting surfaces are a source of distraction, e. g. when driving, for water and winter sports
    • The optician can open patients' eyes to the excellent effect of the lens
    • DuraVision® Platinum - unimpaired vision, also with lateral incidence of light