Optometry in the 21st Century

The moment you realise you just gave your patient the ultimate visual experience.

This is the moment we work for.

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Vision Technology Solutions - Optometry in the 21st Century


The development and evolution of technology has greatly improved our lives. From booking a ticket to online banking, technology has made everything easier, faster and more convenient. These innovations have equally impacted the field of eye care.

Eye care professionals like yourself are turning away from paper and embracing such technological innovations in their practice. The adoption of high technology is key for enabling easier interaction with patients, more exact and faster measurements as well as differentiation in the market.

From anamnesis to providing the finished ZEISS lenses, and all the steps in between, our dispensing tools are designed to allow you to spend more time on what matters most – your patient – and to aid you in prescribing the best vision solution.


The Consultation Process

Hand in hand with ZEISS technology: innovative, functional and consolidated. We show you how it works.


Examination & Refraction

ZEISS instruments for precise generation of eye profiles and optimal spectacle lens determination.


Lens Fitting & Consultation

Precise centration data for lens fitting and optimum patient consultations with renowned ZEISS quality.


Productivity & Efficiency

From innovative data management for the entire consultation process to training courses and hotlines.


Simplicity with ZEISS Essential Line

ZEISS Essential Line

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