Subjective Refraction


Subjective Refraction


Much more than refraction


An important part of a comprehensive eye examination involves subjective testing of refraction, not only to provide a prescription for corrective lenses but also to determine the best acuity an eye can achieve.


  • Hightlights

    There are different ways to assess the refractive status of your patient´s eyes. Hundreds of years ago, Native American tribes used the binary star as a non-quantitative measurement of visual acuity. Testing was based only on subjective factors and individual responses.

    Although nowadays this refractive test is still based on subjective responses from the patient, technology has made possible the development of more precise and accurate measurement tools for refraction.

    With i.Polatest® visual performance for both eyes can be determined at the same time, taking into account the complexity and multidimensionality of vision as well as the interaction between the two eyes.

    Being able to test vision binocularly based on polarization separation, i.Polatest® provides a superior and efficient way to screen and measure binocular vision deficiencies.

    Discover what makes i.Polatest® the perfect partner in the examination room.


    Facts at a Glance

    i.Polatest® Much more than refraction
    • Homogenous illumination and high contrast of the optotypes
    • Separation technology for 45°/135° polarization axes
    • Flat screen design with premium glass front panel prevent steps or shadows
    • More than 45 different monocular, binocular and astigmatism optotypes for thorough vision testing
    • High flexibility for structuring the test routine and sequence
    • Touch screen operation allows selecting the required functions directly on the screen
    • Optional: i.Polatest® includes an IR remote control; touchscreen panel optional.
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data  
    Line voltage
    100…240 V AC, ±10 %
    50 to 60 Hz
    Power consumption
    70 VA
    Ambient conditions for intended use Temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C
    Relative humidity: 30% to 85%
    (no condensation)
    Transport and storage conditions
    (in original packing)
    Temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C
    Relative humidity: 10% to 85%
    (no condensation)
    Protection class I
    Test area size (width x height)
    299.5 mm x 223.5 mm
    Testing distance
    1m to 8m
    Polarization direction for analyzers
    Image for right eye: 45°
    Image for left eye: 135°
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 608 mm x 570 mm x 85 mm
    Weight incl. wall mounting bracket 12.75 kg
    Physical Data  
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 608 mm x 570 mm x 85 mm
    Weight incl. wall mounting bracket 12.75 kg
    IR remote control unit 3 V, < 100 μA
    Spare parts

    Line fuse: 2x T 2.0AE/250V

    Battery for IR remote control unit:
    2x Micro AAA 1.5 V

  • Details

    i.Polatest is able to test vision acuity both monocularly and binocularly through a wide variety of optotypes and tests to suit every patient.

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