Point Clouds at the Speed of Light

ZEISS LineScan

Optical sensor for capturing
surface of forms

ZEISS LineScan is the tool of choice when capturing the entire surface of forms using point clouds – whether for a comparison with available nominal CAD data sets or for the creation of a new CAD model.


At a glance:

  • High speed and comprehensive surface detection increase productivity
  • Large sensor selection with different measuring ranges and accuracies for a wide range of applications
  • ZEISS LineScan 2-8 is the world's most precise line scanner on CMMs and ensures outstanding measurement results
  • Powerful software integration in ZEISS CALYPSO - for a standardized uniform, easy-to-use user interface

ZEISS LineScan


Greater productivity
The sensor ensures the swift, complete capture of the surface structure and a high point density, making it possible to reduce the measuring time by up to 70%. This increases productivity considerably.

Trust in measurement data
Users trust their measurement results because of accurate, high resolution images. This reduces iterations, resulting in lower part costs and higher machine productivity through reduced measurement time.

The bespoke sensors for particular applications assist the operator by simplifying the measurement strategy. Invest only in the sensor that best fits the application.

Exceptional user-friendliness
No change in how users work: the assessments are displayed together with the standard geometry evaluations in the report. Users gain a wider range of measurement possibilities with ZEISS CALYPSO.

Large selection with different measuring ranges

for the most diverse applications

LineScan 2-8

MPE P (D.95%:Tr:Opt*):
2,9 μm - PRISMO;

RMS*: 0,9 μm

Small components with high accuracy; small tolerances

LineScan 2-25

MPE P (D.95%:Tr:Opt*):
12 μm

RMS*: 4 μm

Medium sized components with high accuracy; medium tolerances

LineScan 2-50

MPE P (D.95%:Tr:Opt*):
20 μm

RMS*: 5 μm

Universal scanner, for a wide range of applications

LineScan 2-100

MPE P (D.95%:Tr:Opt*):
50 μm

RMS*: 12 μm

Very large measuring range with lower accuracy; large tolerances

Point clouds at the speed of light

Applications and features at a glance

When it comes to capturing entire surface shapes in point clouds, there is there is no better way than the ZEISS LineScan. The most important information summarized - download now.

Application examples

The strengths of ZEISS LineScan are particularly evident in the areas of car body, mold/tool making, model making, design and for touch-sensitive or finely structured surfaces.


  • CAD inspection of car bodies
  • Gap and alignment measurements
  • Body volume analysis for electric motors


  • Quality inspection of free form areas of cast metal parts for jet engines
  • Measurement of rotor blades and wing elements

Medical systems

  • Flatness inspection of photographic plates for digital X-ray
  • Inspection of forming tools for dental drills


  • CAD comparison of formed parts
  • Wear and repair analysis of forming tools
  • Reverse engineering of forming tools


  • CAD measurement and reverse engineering of blades for wind and water turbines

Ship building

  • CAD comparison of cylinder blocks of ship engines

Body volume analysis for electric motors

Applications in electromobility are one example of the use of the of the ZEISS LineScan optical sensor. The external dimensions of the stator are a decisive factor for its mounting in the electric motor the electric motor housing. The position of the connecting flange and of the shaft require measurement in relation to the gear position.