As a solution provider, we offer extensive services to help you get the most out of your measuring machines. These include machine relocation, buy-back options, disassembly, disposal and network integration.

Additional Support

Measuring machine transfers

When relocating a measuring machine or a complete factory move, you need a reliable partner who can properly secure, pack and transport your measuring system and then set it up at the new location. Our specialists ensure that the performance and accuracy of your machines are not impaired. Our extensive know-how helps you overcome these challenges. We also have no problems working across borders to considerably reduce downtimes.

Buy-back, disassembly, disposal

We give you the option of trading in your old machine. Alternatively, we will dispose of your measuring machine, e.g. via a certified disposal company. Be it a trade in or disposal – we take care of disassembling and properly securing and transporting the machine.

Network integration

The seamless exchange of data between your system and the software on your measuring machine is essential if processes are to run optimally and the required quality is to be achieved. We lay the foundation for this through network integration. We integrate your measuring machine into your existing network, link several measuring machines for shared use of data, install and update your measuring software.

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