ZEISS at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2018 Introducing a new holistic, integrated 3D-manufacturing inspection for improved yield in additive manufacturing
16 - 18 October 2018 | ZEISS Booth H08, Singapore EXPO
ZEISS at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2018
ZEISS at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific 2018
LIVE demo of a customer's part on the ZEISS Smartproof 5 confocal microscope
LIVE demo of a customer's part on the ZEISS Smartproof 5 confocal microscope
Dr. Marcin Bauza explaining how ZEISS 3D ManuFACT supports improved yield in additive manufacturing
Dr. Marcin Bauza explaining how ZEISS 3D ManuFACT supports improved yield in additive manufacturing
LIVE demo of a customer's part on the ZEISS COMET 3D Scanner
LIVE demo of a customer's part on the ZEISS COMET 3D Scanner
Explaining how the ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa's technology
Explaining how the ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa's technology
The crowd during Dr. Marcin Bauza's talk
The crowd during Dr. Marcin Bauza's talk
Our friendly team member explaining ZEISS PiWeb
Our friendly team member explaining ZEISS PiWeb

See you in 2019! The 2018 show has ended. ZEISS would like to thank everyone who dropped by and made it an overwhelming success! We're glad to have shared our story, solutions and technologies with you. You can download the electronic version of the exclusive additive manufacturing booklet we distributed at the show through the form below.

3D printing processes – additive manufacturing – are becoming increasingly a part of the industrial production chain. Medical technology, aerospace, and automotive industries are leading the innovation and implementation of additive manufacturing.

ZEISS 3D ManuFACT offers the perfect inspection verification. Using this unique holistic inspection process for 3D manufacturing we apply the concentrated competence of all ZEISS technologies. This integrated process brings the most reliable knowledge and thus certainty about the reliability of 3D parts.

This unique holistic inspection solution for additive manufacturing focuses on:

  • Material Composition Analysis
  • Powder Analysis
  • Post-build Analysis Including Heat Treatment, Part Removal, and Cleaning
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Defect Analysis
  • Surface Metrology – External and Internal
  • Dimensional Metrology – External and Internal

This integrated process brings the most reliable knowledge and, thus, certainty about the reliability of 3D printed parts.

We invite you to visit the booth to experience our new workflow, as well as listen to a 30-minute power talk on additive manufacturing trends, challenges and solutions. At the end of the talk, participants will stand a chance to win a ZEISS VR ONE Plus virtual reality headset.  

Improving Yield in Additive Manufacturing

ZEISS Additive Manufacturing solutions at Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific

Powder and Material Characterization

Powder is the building block of additively manufactured parts. Size distribution of individual powder particles influences how the powder is compacted and affects the density of the build and the possibility of defects visible later in the process. Light microscopy (LM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) help to define the powder quality.

ZEISS Axio Imager 2

Introduce ease of operation into your microscopy workflow - Axio Imager 2 ensures accurate and reproducible results from quality control and process control. It features brilliant optics and homogeneous illumination. The contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times.

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Post-Print Heat Treatment and Part Removal

Successful build requires various post-processing treatments to ensure dimensional accuracy and optimal material properties. After printing, the part is still attached to the build plate. It is then heat-treated and removed with wire EDM. To better understand the influence of those processes on final quality, a CMM or optical 3D scanner can be used.

ZEISS DuraMax with KUKA Collaborative Robotics

ZEISS DuraMax with KUKA Collaborative Robotics

The Right Measuring Equipment for the Shopfloor

ZEISS DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gauges. Equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor from ZEISS, it can even be used to capture contours and freeform surfaces. A rough production environment? No match for DuraMax. Together with a KUKA collaborative robot, watch the DuraMax measure parts directly on the show floor.

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Defect and Inner Structure Inspection

The quality of powder and how it is spread during the build process might cause voids or material impurity to form in the structure. Inspecting the quality of the build with LM or internal structures with high-resolution X-ray CT helps to determine process parameters influence and faster define a possible path to achieve optimal settings.

ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa (Model)

ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa (Model)

Your X-ray Microscope for Submicron X-ray Imaging

Unlock versatility for your scientific discovery and industrial research with ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa, the most advanced model in the Xradia Versa family. Image non-destructively in 3D with X-rays. Build on industry-best resolution and contrast. Expand the boundaries of non-destructive imaging. Innovative contrast and acquisition techniques free you to seek - and find – what you’ve never seen before.

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Post-Print Material Quality Inspection

The additive manufacturing process, unlike classic manufacturing methods, requires powders to be melted during the build. Melt temperatures and process parameters greatly affect the crystallographic composition and, as a consequence, part properties.



Industrial Computed Tomography With Ease and Precision

You can successfully perform measuring and inspection jobs yourself with only one X-ray scan. The standard acceptance test, the precision engineering and the sophisticated calibration process ensure the traceability of the system. Linear guideways and a rotary table meet customers' highest demands for precision.

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Dimensional and Surface Quality Inspection

Dimensional accuracy and surface finish are critical to ensure proper assembly and consistent mating across multiple parts. The surface finish can be analysed with optical methods, and the internal surface is examined with X-ray CT. Dimensional accuracy of the final part can be validated either with CMM, optical 3D Scanning or with X-ray CT.


Dimensional Quality Inspection


Simple and Quick Measuring Using an Ultra-compact 3D Sensor

Using the latest sensor technology, the new system delivers precise 3D data and automatically recognizes changes in vibration and exposure, even in difficult ambient conditions. It delivers high-end measuring for exceptional data quality with maximum ease of use.

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ZEISS Smartproof 5

Surface Quality Inspection 

ZEISS Smartproof 5

Widefield Confocal Microscope for Surface Analysis

The versatile ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield confocal microscope is your integrated system for surface analysis: fast, precise and repeatable. Put it to work on a wide range of industrial applications - such as roughness and topographical characterization - that come up every day in QA/QC departments, production environments and R&D labs.

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Process Data Statistics and Analytics

Collection and analysis of data across the entire process chain with ZEISS PiWeb provides a deep understanding of how process changes might correlate with different dimensional and material properties. Clear visual representation and correlation of results across all process steps help to quickly and more efficiently develop printing strategies while increasing yield.



Perfect Control of All Important Data. Everywhere.

PiWeb was developed to make the display and analysis of your measurement data easier than ever before. Performance, flexibility and intuitive operation make it the best system in its class. Informative diagrams, statistical analyses and CAD displays visualize your measurement data and allow you to optimally monitor all your production processes.

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Download the eBooklet

"Additive Manufacturing: Improving Yield with Holistic Quality Inspection and Correlation"

Do you want to know how to improve yield in additive manufacturing? Download the e-brochure here to find out how it works!

ZEISS Talk at the Booth on 16 October, Tuesday

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM, ZEISS Booth H08

Dr. Marcin B. Bauza,
Head of ZEISS Additive Manufacturing Process and Control, Director New Technology & Innovation, ZEISS Industrial Metrology

"Enabling Yield Improvement in 3D Printing Process Chain"
Ever since the first pioneering companies have been able to shape metal powders by means of 3D printing or melting, more and more companies want to supplement their conventional production processes with additive methods. How quickly and comprehensively additive manufacturing of metal parts will be established, depends to a large extent on the yield.

The 3D printing industry is still far from guaranteeing the high reproducibility and reliability known from traditional manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing has only a fraction of combined know-how compared to conventional subtractive methods. Therefore, it requires a lot of investigation within every step of the process chain to enable optimal part printing. Gaining this process knowledge might take as long as several years. However, the number of iteration loops can be significantly reduced with detailed analysis of materials and processes. It takes significant experience combined with unique technology, to allow for a deeper understanding and detailed monitoring of the majority of process steps, such as material powder characterization, i. e. powder size, form, as well as distribution and compactness analysis, crystallographic analysis, build defects, internal and external surface analysis, internal and external dimensional analysis, and the influence of post build treatments, such as heat treatment. Each of those steps can have a significant impact on the overall yield, therefore, correlating obtained information across each of the process steps can significantly improve overall part performance and reduce development time of the optimal recipe.

Dr. Marcin B. Bauza is responsible for New Technology and Innovation of the ZEISS Industrial Metrology Business, and leads global additive manufacturing efforts within the Research & Quality Technology Group as well as is focusing on high-speed in-line metrology and surface inspection solutions. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of North Carolina in Charlotte and has his Executive MBA with concentration on Strategy from Duke University.

Before joining ZEISS he co-founded a start-up, focusing on advanced motion and sensing solutions and was focused on technology and business development. He has been awarded with numerous patents, wrote more than 30 publications, and serves as reviewer for Precision Engineering, Wear, and Measurement. Dr. Bauza also served as Director and Board member of ASPE and was actively involved at ASPE since 2002. He is also member of ASME and CIRP.

Win ZEISS VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headsets

3 sets to be won

Visit the ZEISS booth and talk to any of the ZEISS representatives to find out how you can win your own set of ZEISS VR ONE Plus. There will be 3 grand winners chosen randomly after the show.

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