2D and 3D X-ray Solution for Light Metal Casting

Thursday, 21st March 2024 | 02:30 - 03:30 pm (IST)

Tuesday, 8th June 2021
9:00 - 10:00 am (CEST)

Would you like to know how X-Ray technology is used for casting inspection, how you can save money in the long run, and ensure 100% defect detection while complying with the strict regulations of casted products? Join our webinar on March, 21st and learn more about the latest technologies and solutions for the casting industry.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • What is 2D and 3D X-ray
  • Spotting different types of Casting Defect with X-ray
  • Perform 100% inspection with in-line X-ray Inspection
  • Simplify the decision making process in the casting process with high image quality and resolution
  • Benefits of 3D X-ray Inspection

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