ZEISS SmartLife lenses

Designed for dynamic visual behaviour.

Your go-to, all-day portfolio just had an update. ZEISS SmartLife lenses have been extended, enhanced and revolutionised to empower you as an eye care professional to meet the evolving needs of your customers in a digitally-immersive world.

  • Updated technology: ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology is incorporated into all ZEISS SmartLife lenses
  • Now for young eyes: ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young lenses are optimised for children's eyes and facial anatomy
  • Simply the best ZEISS lens: SmartLife® Individual 3 lenses with Intelligence Augmented Design™ technology

#ExpertTalk: The evolution of ZEISS SmartLife lenses

Robert Sands, frame stylist and manager at The Spectacle Factory reviews the latest SmartView 2.0 technology updates, and looks at the science behind ZEISS SmartLife lenses.

Want to learn more?

Our interactive product overview features facts and insights, as well as an explanation of the science behind ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology.

The technology

ZEISS SmartLife lenses have been updated based on the latest insights from real-life studies2 on dynamic visual behaviour. Here is an overview of all the latest features.

ZEISS SmartLife Young single vision lenses
ZEISS SmartLife single vision lenses
ZEISS SmartLife digital lenses
ZEISS SmartLife progressive lenses

UPDATE: SmartView® 2.0 technology
Optimised for all day visual comfort for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle.

Luminance Design® 2.0 technology
Takes average light conditions and age-related pupil diameter into account.

NEW: Dynamic AgeFit® technology
Fitted to the age-related facial anatomy of growing children.

Digital Inside® technology
Optimised near zone for better reading on digital devices.

FrameFit®+ technology
The lens corridor is optimised to allow any choice of frame.

ZEISS Adaptation Control technology
Optimised for faster adaptation from old to new lenses.

ZEISS FaceFit technology
Fitted to the wearers's facial anatomy.

ZEISS IndividualFit technology
Optimised to specific daily activities.

NEW: Intelligence Augmented Design™ technology
Optimised to the wearer's personal visual behaviour & requirements.

Updated ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology

Precision starts with our exact knowledge of the interaction between eyes and lenses.
Studies done at the ZEISS Vision Science Lab in Tübingen, Germany1, revealed differences between the horizontal and vertical centre of rotation of the eye. This insight is taken into account with the new generation of ZEISS SmartView technology, allowing for an even higher level of precision.

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    Internal Global Vision Study, Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH, DE, 2020-2021. (unpublished, data on file)

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