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Certified refurbished measuring devices

Companies don't necessarily need to buy a new device to achieve reliable measurement results. Used measuring devices can offer excellent performance when checked in accordance with strict criteria and refurbished. And that is exactly what we guarantee customers with our ZEISS Originals systems.

Companies looking for a budget-friendly solution don't need to miss out on reliable ZEISS quality. ZEISS has been synonymous with excellent quality for 175 years, and is your reliable partner when it comes to quality assurance in your company. And those same standards of quality apply for our certified pre-owned systems – ZEISS Originals.

ZEISS Originals give you the certainty that you can meet all your measuring needs with a used device that's as good as new. Because the ZEISS standard remains the same – regardless whether you are the first or second owner of a measuring device, or choose refurbished demonstration equipment.

ZEISS Originals systems enable you to harness the full potential of your quality assurance and achieve reliable measuring results while sticking to your budget. If you are interested in seeing what's available, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Technology update to current manufacturer standard for hardware/software
  • Replacement of all worn parts
  • Device tested to ISO standard
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty (the same as for a new device)
  • Guaranteed availability of replacement parts up to 10 years (depending on device type)

ZEISS machines are machines for life

Certified ZEISS Quality

Systems that have been completely refurbished by ZEISS provide you with absolute assurance that you are investing in a ZEISS solution without skimping on quality. That's why we only award the ZEISS Originals certificate to used measuring devices that pass the same strict quality inspections that new devices go through.

Guaranteed maintenance

Buying a used measuring device doesn't mean cutting corners – and that goes for both the quality of the device itself and for the warranty that we as a manufacturer provide for the system. Our refurbished devices come with the ZEISS warranty you are used to.

A budget-friendly measuring solution

A ZEISS Originals system means first-rate quality, even if you are not the first owner of the device. When you buy a used measuring system, you get the precise measurements you expect – while also sticking to your budget.

The ZEISS Originals refurbishment process

Only if it has the ZEISS Originals label on the outside will you find ZEISS quality on the inside. ZEISS Originals systems undergo robust, standardized refurbishment before we let them leave the facility. Each system is evaluated in detail and then repaired, refurbished, and modernized in accordance with its individual requirements.

When ZEISS receives, for example, a used CMM, it first undergoes thorough testing before going through our standardized refurbishment procedure. Our experts check all device parts carefully and replace everything that deviates from our standards with ZEISS original parts. This pertains to both the hardware and the software of your future measuring solution. Refurbished this way, even used measuring devices are fit for the future.

Once this procedure has been concluded, precise testing is carried out by our expert team, and the system then receives the ZEISS Originals certification. This means that you, as the new owner, have the certainty and assurance that your used measuring device has undergone the same quality inspections and corresponds to the same quality standards as a new ZEISS device.

Example: the refurbishment of a coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

1. Assessment

When a used CMM solution arrives at the refurbishment center, our experts begin by conducting technical and mechanical testing and analysis. This includes meticulously checking all of the used measuring device's components, as well as carrying out a function test using a range of standardized test scenarios.

This picture shows a used measuring device about to be refurbished.

2. Replacement of parts

During refurbishment, all parts of the measuring device where tests reveal wear or defects are replaced. This applies, for example, to drive motors, gages, and various wearing parts.

3. Technology update

Next, both the hardware and software of the used CMM are updated. The system is retrofitted with the latest technology. These parts (e.g. controls, sensors) are identified before the work is begun.

Here you can see a used measuring device that is receiving a technology update

4. Restoration of areas with visible signs of wear

Measuring devices once used for demonstration are often in pristine condition. But measuring technology that has been used in a company often shows signs of wear. The next step is to give our used devices a full makeover. This includes, for example, repairing the granite plate or restoring the covers.

Here you can see the granite in a used measuring device being visually inspected for defects.

5. Inspection and certification

After it has been fully refurbished, the measuring system is tested once again in accordance with original ZEISS specifications. If the refurbished measuring device passes this inspection, it is certified. A warranty certificate is provided to the new owner.

6. Final inspection

As soon as the entire process is concluded, the ZEISS Originals CMM can be put into operation by its new owner. ZEISS Originals systems come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and guaranteed availability of replacement parts for up to 10 years (depending on the device type).

This picture shows the final inspection – the last step in the refurbishment procedure for used measuring devices.
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When one of our devices – for example, bridge type CMM – is installed at a customer’s location, the granite slowly begins to adapt to its surroundings. This creates a perfectly functioning match between the CMM foundation and the bridge. This is one of the reasons we always try to restore granite instead of replacing it.”

Simon Seifried, Technical Head at our Bochingen production site

ZEISS Originals returns program

We buy your used measuring equipment

Perhaps you already have a ZEISS system that produces excellent results, but could complete your measuring tasks even more efficiently with new features or new technology. New measuring jobs mean new challenges. If that's the case, ZEISS can help you stay on the cutting edge – and ZEISS Originals offers you the opportunity to trade in your previous device for a new one.

A replacement that pays off

Purchasing new measuring technology can be expensive. With the ZEISS Originals returns program, you can keep the cost of acquiring a new device down without having to miss out on the latest technologies.

A simple replacement process

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to return your used measuring device. All we need to buy back your used measuring equipment is some basic information. Then, depending on the condition of the device, we will make sure it is refurbished or disposed of properly.

We are also happy to help you select your new measuring technology. The replacement process is so streamlined that you won't experience any delays in your measuring and testing work. Your new device will practically help the old one out the door.

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