The moment you set milestones.

This is the moment we work for.

Far higher than just the industry standard – that’s the level ZEISS is at.

For more than 170 years, ZEISS has been a veritable optical powerhouse. With its four divisions, the ZEISS Group stands for excellent knowledge in various fields of optics, enabling consumers and technical pioneers to set historical milestones using only the best equipment. This constant progress has enabled the company to achieve many technical feats and has always been the driving force behind the entire ZEISS Group: to unwaveringly offer leading and innovative products that raise the bar in the optical industry time and again.

ZEISS Vision Care imbues each and every product with the business knowledge harnessed at the ZEISS Group, giving the world the gift of clear vision without any compromises and setting new standards in the eyeglass lens industry.

Want to know more about the fields in which we help our customers with optical products and services?

Consumer Optics / Vision Care

Vision Care / Consumer Products

ZEISS Consumer Products offers exceptional lenses for movies and photos, while our binoculars bring distant objects closer and make them clearer. ZEISS Vision Care focuses on premium-quality eyeglass lenses.

Microscopy / Industrial Metrology

Research & Quality Technology

ZEISS Industrial Metrology produces reliable, high-quality measurement technology and offers outstanding technological services. The Microscopy division grants access to the invisible worlds of the tiniest structures.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology offers advanced lithography optics to create ultra-fine circuit path structures on ever smaller and faster microchips.

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

ZEISS Medical Technology enables doctors around the world to help their patients regain their sight and enjoy all the important moments life has to offer.