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Crystal clear vision, perfect sight – everyone who wears glasses knows how good it feels to look through clean lenses: not only do they look good, they also help you achieve optimum vision. The right approach to cleaning your glasses will also ensure they last longer. Read on to find out what you need to bear in mind when cleaning your glasses, how a quick clean can effectively rid your specs of dirt and how you can make sure your glasses stay clean for longer. From a thorough lens cleaning at home to a quick clean on the go, with or without lens wipes – here’s a summary courtesy of BETTER VISION.

How should I take care of my prescription spectacle lenses?

If you take good care of your spectacles, you'll find it easier to keep everything in focus. Here are our tips

Crystal clear advantages for spectacle wearers

ZEISS cleaning wipes for prescription spectacle lenses and other optical surfaces

ZEISS cleaning solutions

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