The Aloka Vision Programme

The need for affordable yet good quality spectacles in rural and unserved regions of India is massive. In a country whose population lives predominantly in rural regions, accessibility and affordability of health care products and services, such as eye care, remains an issue. It is estimated that more than 300 million people in rural areas of India have no access to any kind of eye and vision care.

Initiated in 2015, “Aloka Vision Programme by ZEISS”, aims to address the problem of inaccessibility, unavailability, and affordability with the help of technology, training and novel supply chain solutions for the benefits of clear vision. The Aloka Vision Programme operates as social business with benefits for patients, partners and public health. It addresses the root causes for absence of eye and vision care in unserved regions: lack of trained vision experts, time investment and travel costs needed to visit an optometrist in the next city, availability of service and attractive variety of modern frames and lenses. ‘Aloka’ with their implementation partners considerably reduces effort, money and time for the underserved population and improves their productivity and quality of life.

Aloka Partners will be trained in basic vision screening and dispensing of spectacles as well as in entrepreneurial skills. This opportunity helps locals to earn a livelihood or add this business onto their existing livelihood. Using technology, the Aloka partners will be connected to an optometrist, which ensures high quality screening and service to the rural customer.

Aloka is not designed to be a philanthropic activity.

It is designed as a sustainable venture for all involved. While Aloka takes care of affordable prices, on-time delivery and good service, partners are enabled to create employment and revenue opportunities.

  • Training

    A motivated local entrepreneur will be trained by ZEISS experts in screening people, dispensing spectacles and entrepreneurial skills with emphasis on quality.

  • Technology

    Our technology solutions ensure smooth refraction and vision test, instant order placement, ophthalmological support and transparency over the entire value chain.

  • End-to-End Support

    Leave behind the hassles of maintaining an inventory, and focus on serving your customers and the development of your own business.

Join Aloka

Be part of the Aloka Vision Programme network to change how we provide vision care services in rural and other unserved regions in India. 

Join Aloka

1// Partner with us

We are creating a network of partners who are either providing health care or livelihood opportunities in rural areas. What we offer is a modular programme that allows you to build onto your strengths:

  • Training 
    Empowering local youth by training them through our experts in screening people, dispensing spectacles and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Marketing
    We will support you with shop branding and local marketing efforts in order to create local awareness on the service offered.
  • Technology
    Enabling local entrepreneurs and ensuring quality screening by connecting the consumer to an expert through technology.
  • End-to-end-support 
    Hassle-free ordering and delivery with our technology solution for inventory management, placing & tracking orders and timely dispensing.
  • Margin Share
    As a partner, you can expect a margin share on the sales of spectacles to cover all operational costs.


Requirements for partnering with us:

  • You are motivated to get trained by us and to provide vision care services together with an optometrist.
  • You have a wide reach and a good reputation in the communities around you.
  • You have a minimum space of 4x3 meters to setup the Aloka Vision Centre.
  • You have a good internet connectivity in order to connect with the optometrist.

2// Conduct a camp

Do you want to include vision screening and spectacle dispensing in your existing health camp? Are you located in an area where it is not convenient to set up a space? Would you like to help your community with vision care but are not available to take this up as a full time engagement?

Please contact us in order to discuss possible ways of how we can work together.

Our partners

Among the growing network of partners and volunteers we welcome organisations as well as ZEISS colleagues and supporters from all over the world.

Impressions of the Aloka Vision Programme

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our programme, partner or work with us, feel free to contact us:


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