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i.Terminal® 2

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i.Terminal® 2

Another Way to collect Centration Data


With i.Terminal® 2, the latest ZEISS centration device, fitting parameters are captured digitally for advanced lens customization.

Lens fitting plays a key role in maximizing visual comfort, as fitting errors can cause up to 40% loss in lens performance. i.Terminal® 2 captures and calculates your patient´s individual parameters with the click of a button and a precision of 0.1 mm which can result in a decreased complaint rate, reduced non-adapts and relaxed vision for your patients.


  • Hightlights

    With the help of i.Terminal® 2, lens fitting becomes comfortable and enjoyable for your patients, as they see that you are willing to go the extra mile to provide the latest lens design and ensure relaxed vision.

    1. Selecting the right frame

    2. Frame and lens fitting

    3. Lens selection

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    After selecting the right frame, mount the calibration tool and place correctly on your patient´s face.

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    Capture your patient´s individual fitting parameters using the i.Terminal® 2. With the click of a button, one front and one side picture of your patient will be captured. After this, you can adjust the markers on the frame directly on the pictures and the system will calculate the data automatically for you.

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    Based on the results of your patient´s tests, identify and recommend the ZEISS lens which suits his or her visual requirements best. All collected centration data can be sent easily to ZEISS manufacturing sites via i.Com 2.

    Facts at a Glance

    • Using the i.Terminal® 2 is 60% faster than using manual measuring procedures
    • Taking the personal measurements using an i.Terminal® 2 is 84% more accurate than a manual process.
    • Enables measurement of highly ametropic patients through proprietary vergence control technology
    • Can be used with any type of frame including large-sized sunglasses and sports frames
    • Fast photo acquisition
    • Autofocus technology allows flexibility in patient positioning
    • Intuitive software, with option for touch screen operation and automated recognition of suspect measurements
    • Intuitive software, with option for touch screen operation and automated recognition of suspect measurements


    (Source: i.Terminal 2 in-house trial conducted by an independent eye care professional in UK in 2012)

    Dr. Craig Meckelborg

    Dr. Craig Meckelborg, FYI Doctors, Canada

  • Technical Data
    Technical data
    Range of patient height
    ~120 – 208 cm
    (equivalent to 110 – 195 cm eye level)
    Patient distance from device
    50 – 100 cm
    Camera resolution
    Physical resolution 100 μm
    (at 50 cm object distance)
    Acquisition method Autofocus digital camera
    Vergence control Proprietary laser speckle
    target technology
    Connectivity Open XML interface,
    full integration with i.Com
    Operating system MS Windows XP SP3,
    MS Vista (32/64 bit),
    MS Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    TCP/IP network protocol Min. network speed
    100 Mbps;
    WLAN (optional)
    Physical data  
    Dimensions 125 – 210 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (HxWxD)
    47 kg
    300 – 1000 lux
    Line voltage:
    100-240 V AC ± 10%, 50 ... 60 Hz
  • Details

    In 60 seconds, i.Terminal® 2 can capture and calculate various fitting parameters including:

    • Frame data (A, B, DBL)
    • Interpupillary distance (PD)
    • Monocular pupillary distance (mono PD)
    • Fitting height, segment height
    • Back vertex distance (BVD)
    • Pantoscopic angle (PA)
    • Wrap angle


    Reviewing the results is faster and more convenient than before.

    All fitting parameters are shown at a glance, and results can be printed, transferred to i.Com 2 as well as to third-party practice management systems for lens ordering.

    Its straightforward and comfortable user interface allows easy operation directly on your PC screen.

    Start i.Terminal® 2 directly from  the i.Com 2 software on your PC

    Start i.Terminal 2 directly from the i.Com 2 software on your PC

    i.Terminal® 2 is packaged with i.Com 2 software and server – your personal control unit for easy data transfer throughout your practice, and includes lens feature demonstration software (i.Demo™) (Screen not included)

    Learn more about i.Com 2
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