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Varifocals: Everything you should know

The production of progressives has always been something very special. Find out more about our range of progressive lenses

31 October 2021
  • Varifocals: Everything you should know

Dizziness and headache, a stiff neck, fatigue and constantly tripping when going up the stairs – there are many stories about the problems encountered by wearers as they get used to new progressive lenses. This is why many people who have never worn progressives before frequently hesitate before buying their first pair.

Progressive lenses offer several vision solutions in one lens

The production of progressives has always been something very special. Progressive lenses allow smooth, clear vision from near to far with one lens – and all without image jumps or transitions. Progressive lenses are therefore a unique feat of optical technology, the production of which needs a lot of know-how, a vast amount of optical calculation and exact knowledge of the wearer's personal parameters.

The general rule is: the more the design of a progressive lens takes into account the personal parameters of the wearer, the more comfortable and relaxed their vision will be – and the quicker they’ll get used to them.

This is precisely why ZEISS already incorporates as many of the wearer's personal parameters, such as visual habits and anatomical data, into the production of the lens. When fitted individually for each wearer, progressives provide outstanding visual comfort. Sometimes, however, a little training is necessary to get used to progressive lenses. Consult your ZEISS optician about the possibilities that modern progressive lenses offer. We have also prepared some important information for you about progressive lenses and presbyopia.

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