A middle-aged men and man wearing ZEISS Progressive Light 2 lenses.
ZEISS for eye care professionals

ZEISS Light 2 lenses

The light way to progressive lenses – for your customers and your business.

ZEISS Light 2 lenses are designed for your 35+ year old customers so they can easily switch to the progressive lens category while restoring their near and far vision effortlessly. It only takes one pair of glasses, and it won't cost a fortune. Let your customers experience the world, entirely.

  • Natural vision at all distances – near and far
  • Fast adaptation
  • Lightweight and thin for comfort at all times

The average customer's eyes face different challenges daily.

The use of smartphones has changed people's lifestyles. More people spend more time with digital devices and activities close by. This trend is valid across all age groups.1

  • The use of digital devices and their all-day presence in consumers' daily lives have a significant impact on their reading behaviour.
  • For example: the reading distance has changed from 40 cm for print media (books, newspapers) to 30–35 cm for digital devices (smartphones, tablets).6

Proven customer satisfaction with ZEISS Light 2 lenses.

  • 96 %

    of wearers agree that their vision feels natural.7

  • 68 %

    of wearers adapted in a few hours.7

  • 92 %

    of wearers are happy with the value for money their ZEISS Light 2 lenses offer.7

The innovation behind ZEISS EasyFocus technology. Incorporated in all ZEISS Light 2 lenses.

Our signature ZEISS EasyFocus technology considers the eye’s inclination, the power profile and the binocular vision of the left and right eye of a progressive lens wearer to optimise the lens for less blur in the periphery. In addition, it is built on ZEISS‘ know-how in optics of the lens-eye-system, the age-related vision needs of first-time and mature progressive lens wearers and lens aesthetic optimisation.

  • Icon showing a circle with three arrows symbolizing smart dynamic optics.
    Optical power profile

    The optimised power profile accurately considers the vertical eye movements (eye inclination) from distance to near, targeting an easy focus, smooth transition and comfortable access to the wide reading zone.

  • Icon showing an eye and an arrow and an arrow pointing upwards symbolizing age intelligence.
    Synchronisation between left and right eye

    The binocular optimisation for distance and near vision ensures the optical images are synchronized between the left and right eyes.

  • Icon showing three arrows next to each other symbolizing clear and thin optics.
    Moderate-soft design fingerprint

    Optimised boundaries with a moderate-soft design fingerprint, which means it has a medium field of clear view but show a soft increase of blur distributed across the peripheral areas.

ZEISS Progressive lenses – better than standard.

ZEISS Light 2 lenses combine the benefits of hard and soft designs of progressive lenses. This medium-soft design fingerprint makes it a light way to go to progressives.

  • Distance zones are wide and clear
  • Very low peripheral distortion
  • Enlarged near zones
  • Accurately shaped to wearer's needs.

Explore the differences in ZEISS Progressive lenses compared to standard progressive lenses in our video.

A picture of a frame with viewing zones in one of the glasses.

Get to know ZEISS SmartLife lenses​.

Take advantage of our flagship portfolio ZEISS SmartLife lenses to offer top-notch solutions for your customers with an excellent vision experience: comfortable vision for busy eyes.

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