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ZEISS professional education and training

Become a ZEISS expert.

Deliver high levels of customer engagement through staff training and development. Our module-based online academy offers interactive ZEISS lens product and equipment training. We also have ZEISS webinars available. You can even book a ZEISS specific training session, or request one suited to your needs.

  • Access more than 60 training modules online
  • Accessible 24/7, 365 days
  • Take part in live and pre-recorded webinars

The optical industry and digital trends are evolving.

The digital landscape is evolving so rapidly that it's hard to keep up with the majority of people moving online. Whether this is for being online for work, meetings, or digital eductaion and training, it has become crucial in building brand awareness and reaching customers successfully.

Access ZEISS online training, 24/7 from any device. No matter where you are.

The online training programmes from the ZEISS Vision Care Academy offers knowledge at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Choose from a wide range of professional topics, participate whenever it suits you, explore the fun, highly interactive trainings; and receive an official certificate confirming your successful completion of the training.


  • Access latest ZEISS trainings

    Access the latest online courses to learn more, create awareness or review your current knowledge on a specific product.

    ZEISS SmartLife Lenses

    ZEISS SmartLife Lenses

    Our premium portfolio is the best, most modern and complete lens portfolio to date. It includes single vision, digital and progressive lenses.
    ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

    ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses

    Blue light blocking properties are now part of the chemical make-up of new BlueGuard lens material. In addition to blocking potentially harmful blue light from the sun, it also filters irritating digital blue light.
  • ZEISS lens products

    The ZEISS lens product portfolio offers a range of different product solutions. No matter what vision problem customers have, you’ll find the right offering for their vision needs and learn all the ins and outs of each product in these training modules.

    ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

    ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

    Learn about a lens portfolio that helps your customers enjoy better vision when driving at night or in difficult weather conditions. Protect their eyes from reflections and make it easier to shift the viewing focus – quickly and often.
    ZEISS DuraVision Coatings

    ZEISS DuraVision Coatings

    True clarity requires more than just conventional AR lenses, it requires the toughness to meet the challenges of daily life. These coatings are dirt resistant, easier to clean and characterised by superior hardness and compelling anti-reflective properties.
  • ZEISS instruments and services

    Precision in a whole new dimension. Better vision starts with outstanding diagnostics. That's why ZEISS offers eye care professionals optical instruments that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow.

    VISUFIT 1000

    VISUFIT 1000 Platform

    This is the start of a new era. A digital platform, enabling professionals to provide frame comparison and one-shot centration with only a few taps. ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 offers several new features and is operated using a simple process on the iPad.
    ZEISS Subjective Refraction Unit

    ZEISS Subjective Refraction Unit

    Discover the advantages of the Automated Subjective Refraction Unit consisting of VISUSCREEN® 100/500 and VISUPHOR® 500. Explore how you can create a stress-free, interesting environment for your customer.
  • ZEISS UVProtect Technology

    Clear, everyday lenses by ZEISS now offer full UV protection. Get to know the benefits of ZEISS UVProtect Technology and UV back coatings, which comes standard with all ZEISS DuraVision and LotuTec coatings.

    ZEISS UVProtect

    ZEISS UVProtect

    Experience a new ZEISS standard of full UV protection. Learn the benefits for your business and customers offered by ZEISS UVProtect Technology and UV back coatings.
  • Optical science

    Learn more about the anatomy of the eye, ametropia or understanding prescriptions, to name a few. Ideal for new staff members with no optical background or as a refresher for anyone in the optical practice.

    ZEISS optical science

    ZEISS optical science

    As optics is the science of light, we have a brief look at light itself. It is always around us – but what is light? Sound knowledge of the background theory is an essential step on your way to becoming an optics expert.
    Correction of ametropia

    Correction of ametropia

    Ophthalmic lenses are used to correct forms of ametropia such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. To better serve your customers, it is important to understand the types of lenses that can be used to correct these conditions.
  • ZEISS Experience

    Take a walk with us through our partner programme. See how you can transform your business to match today’s customer trends while creating a space of belonging.

    ZEISS Experience

    ZEISS Experience

    Join us on the ZEISS Experience journey! A transparent, interactive, step-by-step consultancy process. Learn about practice design, marketing and lenses. Benefit from a strong ZEISS brand identity and business support.
    ZEISS Vision Analysis

    ZEISS Vision Analysis

    Learn how to lead your customers through the ZEISS Vision Analysis process. With each step, you will receive lots of information and tips on what you can say and do to stand out and provide a memorable customer experience.


  • Watch our latest archived webinars

    Did you miss a specific live webinar that you really wanted to attend? No worries, you can gain access to all past webinars to ensure that you are not missing out!

    ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio

    ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio

    Understand how the ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio is the perfect COMEBACK portfolio for your business.
  • Lens products and optics

    Whether you would like to refresh your optometry basics or deep dive into the ZEISS SmartLife Lens Portfolio and the technology behind it, we will help you to improve your knowledge.

    Optometry basics: Correction of ametropia

    Optometry basics: Correction of ametropia

    Do you have someone in your practice that is new to the optometry industry?
  • ZEISS instruments and systems

    Get a clearer understanding of the ZEISS Vision Technologies and Solutions portfolio, and how the features of our exciting instruments will truly benefit your business and its workflow. We will explain how you can utilise each instrument to enhance the customer’s experience to deliver a lasting impression.

    ZEISS i.ProfilerPlus and ZEISS i.Scription

    ZEISS i.Profiler plus and ZEISS i.Scription

    Learn more about the ZEISS i.Profiler plus, a 4-in-1 technological system incorporating a state-of-the-art aberrometer, autorefractor, keratometer and topographer. We will help you to uderstand how this can support i.Scription, and how it will influence the reduction in chair time needed per customer.
Susanne, Dispensing Optician and store owner, London

The ZEISS Webinars gave me the right guidance and I could start implementing the learnings straight afterwards.


Dispensing Optician and store owner, London

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