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The technology used to produce modern, individualised ZEISS lenses is highly complex. But thanks to the VISUSTORE®  online ordering system by ZEISS, ordering them couldn’t be easier. It takes just 30 seconds to place an order due to a guided workflow, with 24/7 access including error-free navigation. Get an up-to-date overview of order status, important news and contacts at any time.

  • Quick, easy and intuitive
  • Valuable consulting module
  • Secure ordering

How can you benefit from VISUSTORE?

  • 30 Seconds

    needed to select your lens from thousands of options, and order it.

  • 100%

    trust – as all your orders are validated in real-time and can be produced straightaway.

  • 80%

    of opticians confirm that VISUSTORE is easy to use.

  • 1

    central platform where you can view all your order information and order status.

Closeup of woman eye with visual effects, isolated on white background

Times are changing – increased pressure from customers.

The eyecare industry is facing more and more technological developments leading to more demanding customers who want something different. They want to visit businesses which are up to date, stand out from the crowd, and provide accurate diagnostics with precise consultation devices. In a nutshell, they want time-saving and convenient processes. For a business this would mean a streamlined workflow as well as advanced practice technology.

Technology in modern lenses.

Modern spectacle lenses are a miracle of technology. There are many ways of tailoring them exactly to the needs of the customer. This is all enabled by countless numbers of lens types and order parameters. ZEISS VISUSTORE is an essential element of a successful business. Make sure that you don’t miss a thing when ordering through this online platform.

VISUSTORE® online ordering platform Ordering ZEISS lenses couldn’t be easier.

  • Enhance your customer’s lens performance
  • Save time – get more time with your customer
  • Increase efficiency – minimise the risk of making mistakes
  • Get live order status and delivery date information
  • Concentrate on your customer’s needs instead of handling a complex ordering process
  • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for standard orders

    Everything important at a glance.

    • Get all the important information you need about your orders. These include the contents of your shopping cart, the status of your current orders, news items and your ZEISS team contact information.
    • All other pages are clearly named and structured. Here you will find exactly what you are looking for.
    • Navigate effortlessly thanks to self-explanatory buttons. Click on the small icons, and they will take you to the required action.
    • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for sent orders

      The modern way to order and follow up on lenses.

      • Search for existing orders and see the current status and delivery date.
      • Place your orders online – regardless of your platform and browser.
    • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for several input aids

      Practical input aids.

      • Profit from quick and flexible lens filter and search.
      • Automatic filter functions are a major time-saving factor. Place your order in just 30 seconds.
      • Save time overall: The quick and easy process leaves you with more face-to-face time to spend with your customers. You can use this time to get to know your customer base, form a better idea of their needs and build trust.
      • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for the progression zone

        Individualisation at your fingertips.

        • With this function you are guaranteed to find the correct progression length according to the lens type and chosen frame.
        • Check the progression zone and correct it on the screen for lenses with a variable progression length.
      • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for shape and bevel

        Tracing frames.

        • Frames can be selected from a frame database with more than 10 000 frames.
        • Alternatively connect one of more than 40 approved Form-Tracer types to VISUSTORE.
        • VISUSTORE allows for tablet activation of the tracer that is in use.
        • Adapt the rimless lens shape directly on your screen to tailor it exactly to the needs of your customer.
          • Tablet screen showing the ZEISS VISUSTORE interface for 3D view

            VISUSTORE is very flexible. Perfectly matching your needs.

            • The ordering tool enables accurate, real-time lens diameter and thickness calculation with comparison functionality.
            • The 1:1 tablet display allows visual control. Use it to check whether the frame shape, centration points, drill holes and other parameters are in the exact right position.
            • Additionally, it provides an impressive 3D view of the lenses, with the option to rotate them in any direction. Both you and your customers will really enjoy this feature. Use it to compare shapes and thicknesses of different lenses or present the lenses to your customer.

            Customer voices

            Customer satisfaction with ZEISS VISUSTORE.

            • 81%

              of opticians are really happy or happy with  VISUSTORE  1

            • 80%

              of opticians confirm that VISUSTORE is easy to use  1

            • 77%

                confirm that the data interchange with instruments or PMS is easy  1

            • 89%

              of the optician would recommend VISUSTORE to colleagues or friends  1

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